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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eyeon now shipping Fusion 6.3

Eyeon Software now officially shipping Fusion 6.3.Fusion's GPU-accelerated architecture and OpenCL supercomputing, as exemplified by the deep image volume technology, offers state-of-the-art VFX software advancements with this latest edition.

Whats new in Fusion 6.3

New Primatte 5 
Primatte 5 provides vastly improved Auto Compute and Background color selection, background lighting adjustment, and hybrid rendering.

Volumetric Lighting
One of the most requested features within the Volume Fog Tool has been volumetric lighting. Adjusting 3D scenes within Fusion’s real time deep volume system and integrating the volumes directly into images with the World Position Pass tool provide an unsurpassed methodology for controlling light samples, scattering, asymmetry, and density. These volumes can be generated inside Fusion or imported via EXR

Color Science
Advances in color handling and new color tools in version 6.3 make color matching, profiling, and working with diverse cameras and Digital Intermediate systems seamless.

Lens Distortion
With the importing of data and a number of various lens models, the Lens Distort tool implements the 3D equalizer lens distortion model to invert or undistort an image. The data can then be imported into Fusion for the most accurate results.

AlphaDivide and AlphaMultiply
Very simple tools that do just what their name suggests; dividing or multiplying the incoming image by its AlphaChannel.

Reversible Brightness/Contrast
Brightness/Contrast can now reverse its operations. Clipping is always done after any image adjustment, whether performing forward or reverse processing.

AJA Kona Support
AJA Kona 3G playback support, including 4k and 48fps playback.

Read more about What's New in Fusion 6.3 here.

Download the latest version 6.3 here.

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